Informationsblatt Power Plobb

The primary function of this multipurpose scheme is to discharge treated wastewaters to a river that can fultil the dilution criteria, while the second is to produce electricity from these treated wastewaters. To reach the Inn river, the treated wastewater from Seefeld sewage treatment works need to be pumped to pass over a hill and then discharged to the hydropower plant. After the turbine,the water passes through a de-foaming plant and then into the Inn river, meeting the dilution criteria for treated wastwater. To guarantee these discharges, a permanently available bypass with energy dissipation is installed. The turbine and its bypass are integrated in a central process control system for automatic operation.  The project feasibility is justified by the side topology. The hill between the sewage plant and the Inn River is a relatively small percentage of the over gross head available. The architecture of the power house is unusual and meaningful: a water droplet. Note that the generation of this scheme exceeds both the pump energy consumption as well as the waste water treatment consumption.